“The Oven” by Summerset – Sold at the Arizona BBQ Online Showroom

The Oven – Summerset Grills

by Summerset Grills


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The newest addition to the Summerset Professional Grills product line. Constructed entirely of high quality stainless steel, and priced to be an easy addition to your outdoor experience. This Oven is awesome and reasonably priced and is in stock and available at Nevada Outdoor Living which is our physical location that’s located Henderson Nevada and at our Arizona BBQ Online Showroom. Purchase Now..


  • Available as a freestanding or built-in oven.
  • All purpose equipment. (Great for cooking and baking, pizzas, cookies, chicken, and more.)
  • Internal light.
  • Heat adjusting knob.
  • Push to start ignitor.
  • Easy view window with temp gauge built in.

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